Bears have fascinated humans despite the fear that people often feel with the mere mention of them. Bears are often seen in captivity, in zoos and other protected areas. Despite knowing that, fear and trepidation is still felt whenever these creatures are in sight. Imagine the level of anxiety that a person would feel if it gets a little too close for comfort without the protection of bars and high walls.  

Bears are not territorial by nature but that doesn’t mean they would welcome any trekker with a hearty hello. Any perceived threat from trespassers would be dealt with in a violent attack.  Irreparable damage can be sustained by any unlucky hiker or hunter with just one swipe of its mighty claws.

There are many dangers that can be found in the wild but bears top the list of creatures that are extremely dangerous. Attacks can be prevented even if a person finds themselves almost up close and personal with a big bear. It is all about knowing what can trigger them to attack and knowing what to do in cases a bear is seen nearby. If it were to come to it, how would you fare against a bear attack? Try answering this quiz and see how much you know about these not so cuddly creatures.

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