The human body is a work of wonder. It is comprised of numerous organ systems, networks of veins and arteries, tissues and trillions of cells that are the framework and the fundamental unit of life. Our bodies have several very important parts like our brains and hearts. These two are very essential in keeping other parts working; every single thing inside our bodies work together seamlessly to make us function. Our bodies can even fix itself from the inside when minor damage occurs.

There are many interesting facts about the human body.  Did you know that the average heart can beat about 101,000 times a day? Or that the fastest muscles in our bodies are the eye muscles that control our blinking? We blink up to 5 times per second, that’s around approximately 15,000 blinks a day!

The human body is an anatomical wonder. Scientists are constantly studying the human body and discovering lots of new information that could help science and medicine come up with more ways to help take better care of it. How much knowledge do you know about your own body? Do you think you still remember all those biology lessons you had? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the human body!

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