The internet is a very helpful tool in our daily lives with its many features and capabilities but there can be a dark side to this as well. There are many unsettling stuff that can be found on the internet. Many dangers are on the rise as well.  

One of the fast-rising fads is internet challenges and memes. They look harmless and mostly for fun at first but then they take a turn for the bad.
 Internet challenges have become quite popular in recent years with people filming themselves doing those viral challenges and posting them on the internet for likes and instant fame. The appeal to join in on the fun stems from people wanting to be in with the latest craze and not be outdone by their peers. Young people are more susceptible to this due to their innate nature to be impulsive and want to gain attention through the help of social media.  Some would even go to the extreme and go through with some challenges that have deadly twists to them. We really live in an unusual, strange and dangerous time.

This quiz aims to check if you are familiar with some of these deadly internet challenges. How many can you answer correctly?

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