Falling is defined as moving from a higher level to a lower one without control in a rapidly accelerated rate. While most falls do not cause any injuries, severe cases can cause hip and head injuries or other broken bones in the body. Scientists are trying to understand what can actually cause a person to fall, other than their innate clumsiness that is, or other risk factors to better inform people about the possible perils that a bad fall can bring.

Most falls are a combination of risk factors. Although a person’s ungainliness is a considered factor, there are more worrying conditions that can cause a person to fall. Some risk factors involved are fainting spells, poor vision, use of medicine and even hazards in forms of furniture and other fixtures that can cause a person to lose their balance and fall.
Falls and the resulting injuries due to it can be prevented. Consulting with one’s healthcare provider can drastically reduce the chance of a person from experiencing any symptoms that can cause them to fall over, inspect the immediate surroundings for any potential hazards to prevent accidents and of course avoid any situations that can lead to an accidental fall.  

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