We grow up eating the food of our cultures. Many of us immediately associate food to warm childhood memories with our families and other loved ones. It also reminds us of our inherited culture and traditions. Food is a very important part of every society, race, culture or country. Traditional cuisines are often passed down from generation to generation and it becomes an expression of our different cultural identities.

More often there are dishes that, to any outsider, would seem utterly bizarre but for the locals, these foods are an important part of their lives. Some exotic dishes can be weird, bizarre, or even gross due to their appearance but those exotic delicacies are rich with culture and history. There is so much that one can learn about the people based on the food that they eat.  It is important to remind ourselves that each dish, no matter how bizarre they may be, has a very special place to the culture that they came from.

There are plenty of people who would stick what is known and what doesn’t look like it could eat them instead of them eating it. But there are those who throw caution to the wind and challenge their palates for the experience.  Which one are you? Expand your culinary horizons by taking this quiz about some of the world’s weirdest delicacies.

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