Where would we be without superpowers? For one thing, our movies, graphic novels, games, and TV shows would definitely become boring and superheroes, well, they’ll just be heroes in capes and bright and tight costumes. Superpowers are not just abilities that make our fictional heroes, or villains, interesting. They serve a bigger purpose in the grand scheme of things. Imagine not having them in the stories that we follow, kind of hard to do right? Almost, if not all, of things in pop culture have one or several characters that have special abilities. Removing superpowers to the equation would leave a dark hole in the pop culture universe ergo in our lives as well.

Even though we know that these powers are just works of fiction and will probably never happen in real life, we can’t help but think what powers we would like to have. The idea of having superpowers to deal with day to day dilemma is a real longing for many people. Superhero adventures give hope and inspiration to many that although superpowers are not real it doesn’t mean we can’t be heroes. We can be strong, amazing and use our talents to do good in this world sans the real tight outfits.   

As a majority of us have been exposed (not to gamma rays, how we wish) to many superhero adventures through comic books, movies, and TV, we should be quite the expert on anything super, right? What are the greatest superpowers and how informed are you with them? This quiz will let you know.

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