Urban legends are mostly tales of horror, the macabre and of mystery. It seems every place in the world has its own urban legend to tell. We all know someone who knows someone who knows someone who has heard of some scary tale. That’s how urban legends spread, by word of mouth. They endured the test of time and often their recounting becomes varied but no less scary than the original version, often they even surpass the original one in the scare meter.

With the development of the internet, spreading urban legends became faster. Many sites and forums began popping up, starting many online discussions and theories regarding these urban legends. This led to a surge of fans becoming hooked on these dark tales and allowing many to share their own experiences, therefore, whipping up the fascination. There are some urban legends that did not start off from someone’s imagination. There are those that were taken from real events. Time had somehow twisted the stories into a more bizarre version as if the original story isn’t already weird enough. Be that as it may, if it sends chills down someone’s back, it’s sure to make its way into gaining urban legend status in no time.  

How much do you know about the scary world of urban legends? Are you brave enough to take this test? A fair warning though, most of these tales may inspire nightmares so click at your own risk.

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