Before the invention of the television, video games or the internet, books have been the main source of information and entertainment for many people but despite that, only a limited number of people can afford to own these tomes in its early days. Due to many reasons, books were not that accessible back then. Modern-day readers are very lucky. Nowadays, there are so many libraries and bookstores that can cater to every book lover’s needs. Readers are offered a vast selection of books to choose from.  There are also more authors who have surfaced to release their works making the choices more varied with a wide choice of genres for different kinds of readers.

In this quiz, we have listed down some of the most popular books that have been released. It’s a mix of the classics and more contemporary one. These books have in their own way caused a lasting impression on their readers and the book community in general.  This quiz has compiled the most talked about books to make a definitive list of the greatest books that were printed. How many have you read or how many are you familiar with? Have you added some of them to your reading wish lists? How many can you guess right just by looking at their covers? The titles and authors have been removed to test your book prowess.

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