Secret societies, by their name alone, inspire many to think of men gathered in clandestine meetings in dark, hidden places plotting for world domination or something close to it. It doesn’t help that media portrayals of secret societies are often nefarious and if that is not the case, they are overly romanticized for the benefit of the movie’s plot. While they do not help inform people at all regarding the true purpose of secret societies these media exposures keep the idea of them very alive in people’s imaginations.

Not everyone can become a member of a secret society. In fact, only a rare few get coveted invites from some of the more established ones. There are many known secret societies but before you think it, yes they are a secret society but their circle’s name is known to the general public. Some ordinary folks may also wonder how they can be a secret society if their names are recognized.  The term may be a loose interpretation. They are a secret society in terms of what goes within their organization and who their members are. The organizations’ names may be known but many of their dealings are kept under lock and key. In recent years, many famous names have come up as a member or was once a member of the more recognized groups which were neither confirmed nor denied by the said groups.

While the chance to become part of one is almost null, we can only continue to speculate about what really goes on with these secret organizations. Whether they are real-life groups or made up ones their names will collectively continue to fascinate people. If you, like so many others, have been fascinated with them for a long time, this quiz may be easy for you. How much do you know about these secret groups? 
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