You may have encountered these familiar faces in one of your history classes. Although these people have shaped how the world came to be, they have also managed to grace the pop culture scene with their influence long after their own time. They were real people and not just a figment or piece of fictional literature. While there are a lot of people who have contributed in shaping the world we live in today, many have remained in obscurity and forgotten in history. Most well-known names in human history have made great and lasting impressions making them still relevant to modern folks. Significance, after all, equals to fame.

But who’s to say that the archives of history are accurate? After all, a majority of them were made during times that have no technology to counter check facts and record an accurate account of events and people responsible for them. I guess we’ll never know. Lucky for these people in our list, their contribution to art, culture, and history have been well documented, witnessed and preserved. Their popularity never waned and has weaved itself to many of modern day culture.

History is never boring. It is actually interesting to take a glimpse of past events that affect us to this day. Are you a history wiz? If you are, this quiz is just a piece of cake for you.

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