There are a lot of scary stuff out there. Some can be found in tales, myths, and legends that have been passed on for many ages. Like fine wine, these tales of scary monsters have become better as time went by. Media has played a big role in making these monsters more real, meaner and scarier. As one horror movie after the other was released, these creatures became the stuff that invades people’s nightmares. For some, though, the scarier they get the better they like it. It doesn’t matter that sometimes they peek through their fingers in fright as they watch the movies or a single bump in the night can make their imagination go into hyperdrive with thoughts of scary beings lurking in every shadow of their homes. Fans of horror movies and the monsters in them will never cease wanting more.

Are you one of those people who easily gets frightened but still loves a good scare? Are you an expert when it comes to monster movies? Are you interested to find out how much of a monster fan you are or would you rather listen to common sense and stay hidden under a warm, safe blanket? Let’s find out how brave you are. Click at your own risk…

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