Our planet has a lot of awesome places that we could visit and explore but do you know that there are places that are strictly prohibited to tourists? These places may be too dangerous, too protected or totally inaccessible. Most of these places have been cut off from the outside world for their own protection or for the protection of those who would try to venture into these places. Whatever the reasons may be, these places have strict laws imposed to prevent any tourist or even the most experienced explorer from going anywhere near them.

No matter how our societies continue to expand and our technology being able to reach far and wide, these places are just a big no-no. In some cases only a handful of scientists or researchers are allowed to come inside these restricted areas (except for one place where outsiders are a big no) to document and conduct further experiments, if there is a need, to properly archive these places in man’s history books. So if you’re a tourist who dreams of seeing these places, good luck with getting a special permit for these areas and do not even think about trying to sneak into them. Restrictions, after all, are placed for your general safety.

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