Are you one of those people that like to be in the loop with all the current trends? Are you always were things are happening? Do you know everything that’s going around the world? Be it with fashion, technology, terminologies or slangs, and even food, pop culture society has never run out of stuff that got many people jumping on the bandwagon and sharing their opinions on the subjects. There are innumerable events that have rocked the pop culture community in decades past.  Many of them not exactly about pop culture but still has made its rounds within the pop community.

 With the development of the digital age, people can easily access information anytime. Events are seen in real-time and information shared in a snap. Social media plays a very big role in making such events blow way out of proportion in some cases. Many of the things that made noise in pop culture left a positive impression best but some left a quite negative impact on society.  

Do you still remember some pop culture events that happened through the years? Let us all refresh our memories and relive those days we either want to forget or were proud to be a part of. This quiz has some of the events, things or people that have rocked the community, how many can you get right?

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