Pop culture icons are defined as people who have defined and influenced an era. They are actors and actresses, politicians, athletes and musicians, to name a few, who could become pop culture icons. If you’re wondering what makes a pop culture icon, is it all about popularity? The answer is no. These people have become legends in their own right. They are the masters of their craft. With the rise of pop culture in recent years, more and more celebrities have risen to pop icon status as technology and media developed.  They have amassed a large following in different platforms of the pop culture universe due to their continuing influence on certain fandoms and fanbases.

They are the faces we instantly recognize due to their exposure in their respective fields; their talent and undeniable impact on many are what cements their names as such.  We see them all over, in movies, in TV shows, hear them on the radio and even buy products that they endorse.

How familiar are you with these people? Do you have who is who in the pop culture world? Test your knowledge with the quiz below and see how familiar you are with these popular pop culture icons.

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