The world is full of wondrous places to visit and study. From natural wonders to man-made marvels, we will never run out of things to see and learn about. Landmarks are structures have special cultural importance not just for the citizens of the country where they can be found but for the whole of mankind as well. These landmarks stand as an iconic representation of certain concepts, ideals, historical events, cultures, beliefs, and practices. They are a testament to man’s brilliance.

It is important for us to know more to have a better understanding of how valuable these landmarks are to our rich cultures and history. They are not just merely there for tourists to gawk at and take pictures of. They are there for a reason and it will be quite a shame if people visiting them do not even know at least a fraction of information about these wonderful landmarks.

It’s a common misconception that only history buffs would care to know more about these landmarks. So get ready to put your travel knowledge to the test. How many of these landmarks are familiar to you and can you correctly name where these landmarks are located? Are you up for this quiz?

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