Wheel of Fortune is a very popular television game that has entertained millions of viewers since it first aired on January 6, 1975. It was at first a daytime series but was soon shifted into a primetime slot. Since then it now ranks as the longest running and most popular syndicated game show in the United States and has also garnered millions of fans worldwide with at least 60 international adaptations of the show.  

Wheel of Fortune does not only entertain viewers with its simple and yet exciting gameplay, but it also helps exercise mental acumen as well. It makes the viewers engaged with what they are watching. The added thrill of monetary prizes doubles up the fun for the viewers and fans.  

This quiz is our version of this popular game, sorry no monetary prize though. All we can offer is bragging rights and a big pat on the back for getting most, if not all the questions right. Try not to Google the answers. Where’s the fun in that? It’s time to exercise your mental prowess and trivia knowledge with this little quiz.

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