The planet Earth looks like a shiny, blue marble in space but it is definitely more than just a floating blue rock. Our planet is full of natural wonders, thriving with life forms of all kinds – from small insects to giant trees in the rainforests. We only have one livable planet in our galaxy and it is just right that we exhaust all efforts to take care of it.

The problem is – our planet is slowly dying. It is not a quick death, which is why no one is in panic. But the truth is, the planet has been degrading with each decade. Scientists have recently theorized that the Earth is undergoing its 6th mass extinction. In the past, mass extinctions were caused by asteroid collisions but this time, it is because of human activities. Unfortunately, deforestation, mining, fossil fuels and carbon emissions are among the top reasons why the environment is becoming more and more toxic.

Some of the most notable signs that our planet is in the midst of destruction includes extinction of several animal species, insects that are dying at record rates, an unbalanced ecosystem, warming oceans, rising sea levels and extreme weathers. All these have been felt happening in our planet in the last decade and it will definitely get worse if we don’t make big changes.

Because of the current state of our environment, many people have made a commitment to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Going green has become such a hot trend this past couple of years. From more vegan diets to zero waste living, there are now several lifestyle trends that advocate more eco-conscious ways. If you are an earth-friendly eco warrior too, then you most likely have developed your own eco-friendly habits.

How much do you know about our environment and the green lifestyle? Only a true eco warrior can pass this quiz!

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