April Fool’s Day is predominantly an annual Western celebration.  It is observed on the very first day of April and is by an unofficial decree a day for tomfoolery and laughter. It is a day where pranksters come out of hiding and wreak good, harmless and fun havoc on unsuspecting victims. The jokes and victims alike are called April fools. Pranksters reveal their jokes by screaming April Fools to their victims which is usually followed by hearty laughter. People should be on guard for they could fall victim to any prank and most of all people should not get too onion-skinned.

 Although April Fool’s day is not considered by many participating countries as an official holiday, it still is much anticipated by jokers and victims alike. Some even go through extremes and come up with elaborate pranks for friends, families, and officemates. Many big named companies also participate in on the fun. Many news outlets would send out bogus headlines and since they are reputable sources, many fall victims to their joke. No need for worries though, they often retract the news later in the day together with a good old April Fool’s greeting.

Are you one of those folks who look forward to this day every year? Are you often the victim or the joker? Whichever you may be, this quiz is no joke. How many facts about this day are you aware of? We kid you not, this is a challenging one but only the most dedicated April Fool’s fan would probably get most of the questions right. Are you up for this challenge?

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