“They are not just some silly game.” How often have we said or heard this line while growing up or even in the course of our adult lives? When our parents or significant others have, again, started to complain about our gaming hours.

What is with video games and why do people love spending countless hours playing them?  Contrary to what non-gamer folks believe, video games have tons of positive and beneficial qualities to them. They are a means of escape from our sometimes mundane, boring, monotonous and stressful lives. In video games, we can be anything like a seasoned warrior, an all-powerful warlock or even a tiny and cute monster that packs a powerful punch. It’s pretty nice to get into character and forget about everything for a while. Quests and missions fill us with a purpose and completing them give a sense of accomplishment.

Whether you scream in victory or rage quit due to another failed mission, we’d like to know how well you’d fare with our little quiz. Who’s your favorite video game character among the hundreds of characters out there? Are you familiar with many of the gaming world’s most popular and iconic video game celebrities? We have listed several of the characters that have appeared and made a lasting impression in gaming history. Are you ready for this challenge? Your mission begins now.

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