Puzzles are games, toys or set of problems that aim to test a person’s knowledge, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. They give our minds some mental exercise. Sometimes it can also test a person’s patience, especially when the puzzle is a bit too challenging. Puzzles may seem to be a form of entertainment but they were created with many factors considered like math, logistics, and reasoning.

The appeal of puzzles to humans probably stems from our innate traits for pattern searching, for trying to find reason and meaning to things, for problem-solving and trying to look for solutions to make life easier. People spend hours going over various forms of puzzles. Some claim that it helps calm and relaxes them. It makes them temporarily forget about non-logical things happening in their lives.  It offers a form of solution to relieve stress after a day of hard work and headaches. It really has many advantages apart from being a source of entertainment.

This quiz was inspired by those word hunt puzzles that we love. Do you have the skills, sharp eye, knowledge and most especially the patience to answer all of these amazing puzzles? How many can you get right? We have included some trivia along with each puzzle to double up the fun. 

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