Board games were the main to-go-to form of entertainment before the internet was invented. They have been played in nearly all levels of society and cultures throughout our history. Children, their friends, and families have spent many hours playing and bonding over them. It is undeniable that playing board games is fun but there is also a hidden serious side to it. Many board games have underlying educational benefits. They can either teach players reasoning, strategy, bargaining, and many other helpful skills.

Fans still keep and collect their board games out of nostalgia and more often still enjoying playing them every now and then during game nights with their friends or families. Despite the accessibility of internet games and the appearance of numerous gaming apps and videogames with their respective high-tech gaming platforms like the Xbox and PlayStation, board games have maintained its appeal with society. As technology progressed, many things in our past have been deemed obsolete or old fashioned but not board games. They are still as popular as ever and many new games are still released for gaming aficionados everywhere.  

There’s no need to wait for the next gaming night, go pick up your set of dice and it’s your time to roll. Take this quiz to check if you still remember some of these popular board games of our childhood. How many can you get right?

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