Football is one of the world’s biggest and most popular games on Earth. There are about 200 countries worldwide that follow the sport. Every year these countries look forward to the start of the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is the most watched tournament the world over and football fans are one of the most, hardcore and dedicated fans of any sporting franchise. For most of them, football is a sport not just about skill, speed, and talent; it is also about passion and dedication.

What makes this game very popular? There are many reasons why it is a much-loved sport. One of the biggest factors to its popularity is that it is played globally and not limited to a specific country or region. Football can be played almost anywhere, all that is needed is a ball and the game is fairly simple to follow and understand. It is also one of the few sports that bring people together despite the difference in background, status or language. Football is a beautiful sport to watch. Once the game starts, those watching the game will have their attention glued to every movement of the players and the ball.

Are you one of those dedicated, hardcore football fans? Do you know everything about this game? This quiz will check how much of a football fan you are by testing your knowledge of things associated with this beloved sport. Are you ready? Let’s get the ball rolling!

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