The video game industry has evolved a lot since it became mainstream in the late ‘70s. The progression of video games is of one long and colorful history. Video games have excelled in telling impressive and very engaging narratives through the years that have kept their fans and gamers glued to their screens and occupied for many hours. It also doesn’t hurt that the games are of high graphics quality and surround sounds for a better interactive experience. The target market was mostly young children to teens but nowadays, it is enjoyed by almost anyone. Video games transcend age, gender and language barriers. Every gamer is connected to each other on a different of level. Much like books and movies, video games can take their fans on various quests and adventures with a different kind of stimulation.    

While video games are meant for entertainment, it can still affect our society in different ways. Gaming addiction is real and poses as a big problem to many young minds that have become hooked to playing these virtual games. So play in moderation and do not let the game prevent you from living in the actual world.

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