Studies have determined that the average person spends about five hours in front of their TV, smartphones, laptops or tablets watching their favorite TV shows during their downtime. Another study found out that 92% of these viewers are binge watchers or people who watch three or more episodes of their favorite shows a day.

Why do people love to watch TV series? Believe it or not but watching they have lots of good benefits. There are many studies and polls out there that show the many reasons why people love curling in their sofas or getting comfortable in their beds and binge watch. The top answer is that watching relaxes many after a long day of work.  The idea of escaping into a world of crime, fantasy, romance or just about anything that the heart desires are another allure of TV series. In addition to that, is the easy accessibility that we audiences are offered. Nowadays, we don’t have to wait for a new episode to be aired. With the emergence of subscription-based streaming services, the viewing options and choices grew bigger and super convenient.

To many series followers or anyone who is familiar with most TV series, many memorable TV villains have made their presence felt in the pop culture world. Evil takes many forms in television and the no show would become successful without a villain that everyone detests. These characters are those who viewers love to hate and hate to love.  As much as viewers love their show’s protagonists, it is the antagonists who usually make things more interesting in the stories (and they give plenty of snarky, memorable quotes!)

This quiz has some of the most despicable, crafty, deceitful, hate-worthy villains who have graced (or disgraced?) our television screens. They are memorable characters that could either provoke the viewers to mock rampage or make them grudgingly admire them for their villainous and ingenious ways. Plot twists anyone? How many of these fictional bad guys do you know? Can you find them in the puzzles? 

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