A Protagonist is often defined as the main character in a movie, TV show, book or any other fictional work. However, there are cases that these characters are not the main characters at all and that the actual protagonist is someone least thought of and unexpected. There are several films that have mislead many into thinking that since a character’s name is in the movie title and their faces are seen in the movie posters and other advertisements, it automatically means that the story is going to be about them.

In the early years of cinema, it was pretty straightforward. Heroes, villains, and antiheroes have a particular mold that makes it easier for people to point out who is who in the story.  Nowadays, awesome and intricate plot writing and growing diversity in the movies we watch has made it hard to tell. These movies aim to challenge a viewer’s preconception about the film.  But one thing still remains the same, the protagonists are the ones who make things move forward and without them, many characters would have been stuck. They bear the weight of responsibility in helping move the story forward.

This quiz aims to test your familiarity with well loved and popular films that have graced our screens. Do you know who the actual protagonists are? Or are you one of those who were duped into thinking some other character in the film was the protagonist?  Can you handle the mild shock if what you thought to be true isn’t actually the truth?  Be prepared to question, do some thinking and deductions. Can you tell who the real main protagonists in these films are?

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