Many successful movies and movie franchises are anchored by their famous characters. Apart from the movie’s story, the characters play an even bigger part of the success. It could be safe to say that the characters are what viewers mostly think of first to remember a movie. Fans dress up in costumes after them during conventions, emulate mannerisms or certain values that appealed to them and more often than not, famous quotes or catchphrases mentioned by these characters are almost seen and heard everywhere.  

The movie industry has given us many iconic characters over the years.  Just like the films they came from, these characters have made long lasting impressions to viewers that made them unforgettable favorites. Whether they’re the hero, villain or anti-hero types, these characters will always be recognized by just a glance at their pictures or at things that can be associated with them.

This quiz goes through decades worth of movies to test your knowledge on how much you know about other famous characters, some of which may have been forgotten with time’s passing and some may have not been on most movie fans’ radars but have proven their worth by being included in many lists of notable characters in cinematic history. The four pictures with each question are helpful clues as to who these characters are. Can you remember who these characters are without having to look them up in Google?

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