The Big Bang Theory is undeniably one of TV’s most successful series. It is one of the sitcoms that became very successful since FRIENDS. Although it may have caused some issues with its many misconceptions and its stereotypes about nerd culture. Haters aside, it is still one of the most watched comedy series ever.  Critics may not be in favor of the show but the fans love it. An estimate of about 15 million viewers tunes in on every episode as it airs.

The show centers on a group of people as they try to navigate themselves in the world. Many of the show’s fans have in one way or the other has related a lot with the main characters. This is due to the show’s ability to tackle some surprisingly heavy stuff like family, career and other personal issues. It is not all jokes and slapstick comedy. The show does go into certain emotional places that other sitcoms do not attempt to venture to.

It has been a rollercoaster ride with this show and with the series nearing its finale; it’s time for a bit of throwback and let's see how much you know about this series. Only die-hard The Big Bang Theory fans can get all of these questions right. Are you one of them?

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