Having an alter ego or a secret identity is the norm for many fictional superhero characters. Alter egos are their names or other personas that conceals their superhero identities. It’s the other side of their lives for when they're not in their roles of heroes, crime fighters, saviors and peacekeepers. After all, they cannot remain on full duty all the time hence the need for an alter ego so that they could somehow live a normal life away from fighting crimes and catching criminals.  

There are many other reasons, aside from trying to blend in with the normal folks, why many prefer to keep dual identities. It is a known fact that fighting crime and locking up the bad guys could seriously make a superhero’s list of enemies to become a mile long. There’s no doubt out that these villains would seek revenge of some sort against these superheroes and their loved ones. To protect their anonymity, many heroes opt to wear costumes when they are off doing good. Masks are the most popular accessory. They even change many of their mannerisms to prevent anyone from forming a link to their real identities.  

In some ways, heroes with alter egos make them more relatable to their fans. The thought of these strong and famed individuals living ordinary lives become a source of inspiration for many with thoughts of anyone can be a hero despite whatever background they are from. Can you match the superheroes with their alter egos? How many can you get correctly? Test your superhero knowledge with this secret identities quiz.

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