Science has always been one of pop culture’s favorite topics. Science fiction or sci-fi became a popular mainstay in the pop culture scene with its imaginative concepts of space travel, advanced technology, and interaction with alien species. Adding the element of science in movies, books and other popular forms of entertainment can actually make the narrative more engaging, interesting and fun. Stories that are reinforced by science can even start worthwhile conversations that continue long after the movie, book or show has been read and seen.

Science alone is often perceived as boring and nerd stuff but when it is infused with pop culture, it reaches a broader audience. There are actually some stuff that was seen in some movies that are being developed into a real working thing.  Have you heard of the Hendo Hoverboard? Yep, you read that correctly, a hoverboard. When Marty McFly sported that cool looking contraption that looks like a skateboard but instead of wheels it floats, it became an interesting concept for tech people. It wasn’t meant to stay as a movie prop for too long. This is just one example of what can come out when science and pop culture combine.  

How much do you know of sci-fi’s tales of future worlds, cyborgs, androids, mutants, space wars, and aliens? Let's find out. 

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