From the time of kings and queens of old like Cleopatra or Henry VIII to modern day royalties like Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and Duchess Catherine, people always had this fascination with royalty. Whenever there is news about any big royal function or appearance, people turn on to their TVs or smartphones to keep tabs. A new episode of The Crown, bet that tons will be tuned in to watch it.

Popular fiction has its fair share of royalties too. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of them in all corners of the pop culture universe and they’re not featured to be some sort of eye-candy only. Royals in fiction have been integral to their respective narratives; they have a purpose and a lesson or two to teach their followers. Royals like Princess Leia of the Star Wars franchise have inspired many young women to become more than just damsels in distress. She taught many to be strong and fierce.

How familiar are you with these fictional royalties? This test lists only a few of the most well-known and well-loved royalties in the fictional world. If you get them all right, you earn yourself a crown as the king or queen of the nerds.

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