The 2000s was a precursor for TVs golden age. Before the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, we only have our televisions to provide us with mind-numbing entertainment.  There were a lot of addictive shows but there were so many of them that aired every season, it was quite impossible to remember them all. Despite that, many TV shows outshined the others and have even made it to many old-time favorites list of TV critics and fans.

Modern-day television shows wouldn’t be what they right now if not for the shows that aired during this decade. A majority of the shows that became successful have paved the way and created space for complex, character-driven dramas, mysteries, action, comedies or a mix of many genres. This decade was an interesting time for television thanks to the introduction of reality TV. It seems that there’s a show for almost everybody, thanks to the wide range of choices. Many celebrities became household names, their characters, and faces easily recognizable.

For the sake of keeping this list short, this quiz only includes shows that were released from the years 2000-2010 and have made quite a buzz with the fans and the not so fans. How many of these TV shows do you know based on the cast photos?  So sit back and relax and test your TV knowledge with this quiz and see how much of a couch potato you were back during those years.

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