There was a time that our ancestors worshipped various gods or idols. They built monuments, altars and the like to show their devotion for these beings.  A lot of time has passed but these kinds of devotion and fascination are still seen in modern times, only those who are worshipped or idolized have changed. They are now called celebrities.

Famous celebrities or personalities are an integral part of culture.  By simple definition, celebrities are those people who we see a lot in various forms of media. Celebrities are not just actors or actresses; they can also come from different fields like science, history, and politics. People remember them for their contributions in their respective fields and to society. They become memorialized in history due to their influence, various achievements or anything that they popularize like music, arts or a very memorable performance. The more often they appear and discussed in popular media, they become more recognizable.  Their profound influence varies from one person to another but it all stems down to how they have touched those individual lives. They become the role models and inspirations that many aspire to be someday.

We have compiled together a group of individuals who without a doubt has given a lot to society. Can you name these famous people just by their silhouettes? Take this test and compare your results with others to see how familiar you are with these famous celebrities.

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