Our world is just awesome with its many beautiful landmarks and its many wonders. They often leave many in awe and speechless at the magnificent sights. There are wide arrays of places anyone can go to but despite the grandeur of these places, they have their limitations. This is where books, movies and other forms of media come in. They provide many would be adventurers, science fans, pop culture fans or those who are just feeling whimsical a way to visit places that are not reachable through conventional means like driving or flying.

These fictional places share importance along with the various characters and story arcs within their fictional worlds. These places do not only give a clear image of the story’s setting, but they also help set the general mood as well.  They may exist only in works of fiction and is a long way from becoming a reality but that doesn’t deter hardcore fans from trying to relive their fantasies in these make-believe worlds. To many, they are as real as the store around the corner.

This quiz will test your knowledge in these famous fictional places. Are you one of those hardcore fans that know every place that exists in the world of fiction? Find the clues in the puzzle to get your answer

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