When you have watched a favorite movie a gazillion of times and have been a loyal follower of a certain television series for years, you would really become familiar with the different sets or locations in that particular production. TV or movie sets are important in setting up the mood or how a picturesque background could add to the entire story’s plot. In cases of television sitcoms, the set is where most of the characters gather for a majority of the scenes in the entire series. Due to the repeated times, they’ve been featured, these production sets have become a symbol of the movie or show they were seen. In movies, iconic scenes helped seal the location’s spot in the most famous list.

Many fans would love to visit their favorite TV shows’ house or apartment sets and many iconic movie locations. Some movie franchises continue with the magic by having guided tours of the production's sets and locations that were seen in the movies. After all, they have become symbols and icons in the pop culture universe. Although we all know many are not real, the longing to take a picture in them has a very strong appeal to it. Unfortunately, most TV sets after the shows and sitcoms have ended, have been dismantled and stored. We can only revisit them by binge watching our favorite shows of years past.

Do you still recognize some of these famous homes and locations? Then what are you waiting for? Try this quiz to find out.

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