Watching movies has many benefits. They can also evoke all kinds of emotions within the person observing; emotions that make watching a more thrilling and immersing experience. Besides the entertainment value that movies bring, they can also be used to create awareness about various issues in society and can be used to inspire anyone in just about any given situation. They can also serve as an educational resource for young people. Movies are good for visual learners and can teach people to see life through different perspectives.

Movie fans all love to hear a good dialogue that they will remember long after they have seen the movies. There are many movies that became popular due to their storylines, convincing acting, breathtaking scenes and CGI effects but only a few made it to iconic status due to their excellent dialogues. These lines became very memorable quotes and have left a permanent mark on people’s hearts.

When a person hears a particular popular movie line, the movie or movie franchise from which it came from would immediately spring to mind. However, there are some iconic lines that we know but have a hard time remembering which movie we heard it from. This quiz will put your brains to the test. How many of these famous movie lines do you remember? And how many of them can you correctly link to their respective movies? Take our quiz and prove how much of a movie buff you are.

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