In our modern world, entertainment is extremely important. With the countless of options that we have available in this day and age, movies, TV shows and music are still on top of the list. Part of the reason why these mediums are so popular is because of the celebrities that are on them. These stars definitely bring more entertainment in our day-to-day lives, making it easy for us to love them and their works.

With all their fame, money and success, celebrities are often put on a pedestal and regarded highly. We see them walking the red carpets dressed in expensive outfits, driving luxury cars and living in million-dollar mansions. All these make them seem like superhumans that we can’t help but idolize. Not to mention, they have flawless bone structure and skin too!

It is normal to get fan-crazed over a popular celebrity from your favorite TV show, a multi-platinum singer or even that controversial reality TV star. However, we must remember that celebrities, just like us, are humans too. Sure, their paychecks may have more zeros but they eat, sleep, cry and love like us too.

One of the things that we forget is that a lot of the celebrities that we see are actually using stage names or nicknames. To protect their families or to make their image more cohesive, celebrities often take on a new name, some of which are completely so far from their actual names.

You might think you know details about your favorite celebrities, like who they are dating or their latest album but do you know their real names? If you are a true celebrity fan, then you must know their name, right? So, let’s check your knowledge and see how many you can get right!

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