People go see movies to entertain themselves and get a temporary respite from their daily schedule and woes. Choices before were kind of limited. 

Cartoons were reserved only for TV viewing on a no school morning.
When Disney released their first full-featured animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937 people were amazed to be given a new variety of entertainment.  Some even welcomed it as a true work of art. Animated films have gone a long way. Recent releases are now more CGI. With this advancement, older viewers are drawn more into watching these animated films. The awesome cinematic magic and engaging plot have made them worthy of the time. It also doesn’t hurt that they make us reconnect to those happy childhood memories.    

Animated films are not just for kids anymore. Although the original intended target were children, animated films nowadays appeal to both the young and old. Adults are even more excited and look forward to every new Pixar film. Just look at the buzz that is stirred when a new film is scheduled to be released.  Have you watched all of the animated Pixar films? Do you have any particular favorite? I think it’s pretty hard to pick just one favorite. Take part in this quiz and let’s see how much you remember about these beloved films.

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