There are certain movie stills that people just know even if they have not seen the entire movie. With just one look, people can correctly identify what movie they were from. Although not all of these famous scenes are necessarily the most important ones to the plot but they’re the ones we’ve probably heard fans (and probably even non-fans) quoting and talking about long after the films were released. The lines, acting, cinematography and special effects are some of the factors why these scenes would live forever in the minds of many.

Movie fans probably know which point in the movie that particular scene is about, but only the truest of fans would know the backstories involved with making these scenes. Stories that have been gleaned from cast recounts of events that happened while filming, the hardships they have encountered or some circumstances that made making the scene very memorable to them. Most of these facts are unknown by many and had only been made public during interviews, included in memoirs or autobiographies and sometimes an accidental slips by one of the cast or production staff. Nonetheless, they make the movie scene more interesting.

Sometimes, all it takes is a single scene to change moviemaking for good. Through the brilliant minds of their directors and the innovative ideas of the special effects teams, they have genuinely influenced how future films were made and the influence they would give to future fans and audiences.   

How many of these famous movie scenes can you recognize? Can you correctly name the movies from which they came from with only a pixilated image as a hint?

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